Which one do you like better, touchscreen computers or PCs?

Which computer do you like better, touchscreen computers or PCs? When you first come into seeing this topic, you may be confused about the touchscreen computer and PCs. some people hold it that touch screen computer is the natural evolution of the PC. they choose the touch screen computer is reasonable.but another people think that touch screen and multi touch screen is just belonging on apple series products, such as ipad or iphone,but it is not belonging on laptops or vertical displays. whose idea do you support? which one do you like better?

Touch Screen computers are a quicker, more intuitive way to interact with Your Computer. Using a touch screen to interact with your PC is faster, easier, and maybe even more fun than using a mouse or keyboard. And while we love using keyboard shortcuts to work faster on our computers, you have to learn and remember them.

Tapping and swiping on a touch screen, on the other hand, is more intuitive, since you're interacting directly and immediately with the elements on the screen. If you use trackpad multi touch gestures or have used a tablet or smartphone, working with a PC touch screen feels just as natural and fluid. Photo by intel free press.

If you have a touch screen PC with pen (stylus) input, you get even finer precision and can write or draw naturally on the screen. The pen input panel on Windows 8 (and Windows 7) is remarkably smart at translating your handwriting into text, so if you're faster at handwriting than you are at typing, using a stylus can be a time saver. (Writing has also been shown to help us learn and remember more than typing on a keyboard.)

However, many people criticize about touch screen PCs is that programs and desktop windows is not easy to use with touch. The manipulate platform, such as the close button, scrollbars, and other navigational elements are small that they are hard to accurately touch the sense point, although it is multi touch. Since matters have appear, the measures should be taken, windows 8 has changed the things that creat a more touch-optimizied interface in desktop mode and its new full screen apps.

In my opinins, no one is really true. As with deciding on any other computer feature touchscreen computers or PCs—for example, display size or processor—choosing to have a touch screen computer or not is a matter of preference and your needs.

guys, Do you know how many patents Apple have?

Apple series products become gradually the mainstream in the market. It is reported that Apple has been granted 3 new muti touch related patents. Do you know the details about the 3 patents?

(1) identifying contacts on a touch surface, which is a method of input of a computing system including a multi touch sensing surface, the method comprising:obtaining multi touch sensing information of a scan of the Apple credits Wayne Westerman and John Elias as the inventors of all 3 granted patents.

(2) Contact tracking and identification module for touch sensing , which is a method for providing input to a computing device having an associated multi touch sensitive surface, the method comprising: obtaining tracking information of a plurality of contacts, each contact corresponding to a multi touch object being tracked on or near the ouch sensitive surface,the tracking information including motion information of individual contacts within the plurality of contacts;

(3) Multi-touch contact motion extraction, which is that a method for generating control signals based on contacts of a touch sensing surface, each contact having multiple degrees of freedom of an associated multi touch object on or near the multi touch sensing surface, the method comprising: obtaining tracking information of a plurality of contacts.

I just know about these information, if you know more, you can write down.